Telling the Truth in Friendship

We need friends to speak godly words of truth, and we also need to be friends who speak these words. How can you be a friend like Nathan this week? Who of your friends needs a reality check? Who can you go to, in love, and encourage? Listen to the Lord, be that friend, and speak your truth.  

Stop Looking Around: Trusting Jesus in the Storm

I was like Peter as he walked out onto the water. Those first few laps I stared at what I knew to be true. I clung to the idea that I could do this. And then, like Peter, I looked around. I saw the failure, I saw what could happen, I saw what could go wrong, what was going wrong, and I sunk. I sunk deeper and deeper until I finished with a disappointing time and place, and a litany of excuses.

God Forgives David and You, Too

He did something wrong, multiple things wrong, yet once he repents, God forgives him. And more than that God forgets it. He chooses him to be anointed, to be king, to be a mighty warrior, a writer of Psalms, even though he knew David would commit such a horrible series of acts. And he calls us to do the same: forgive and accept forgiveness.

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