How Can I Hear God?

He can literally use anything to speak, and yet, we want him to speak in specific ways so that we have control over the way it looks, and so that we don’t have to seek him in order to understand. We don’t want to have to stop and give him our eyes, but that’s the only way to hear him. 

Station 14: Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

As we move into resurrection Sunday, meditate on what is hiding in that tomb for you. What do you need to resurrect? What purpose in your life did Jesus go to the cross for, that needs to come out of that tomb? As you sing that song about “running out of that grave,” let it be true for you. 

Station 13: Jesus Dies on the Cross

When you consider more deeply the moments the disciples have had with Jesus, the miracles they’ve experienced, the questions they’ve asked, the miles they’ve traveled, this moment is more profound. All these people have seen the power of Jesus firsthand, and now he’s gone. What now?