Feeling Overstimulated?

When my kiddos were newborns, they would get extremely fussy right before bedtime: the dreaded witching hour. It was terrible; they were inconsolable. When I asked the pediatrician about it, they said that newborns can get overstimulated by noise, siblings, outside adventures, TV, flashy toys, etc. There were, of course, ways to avoid overstimulation: staying…


Come Ye Weary

In that moment, at my counter, I took a deep breath, several actually. I reminded myself that Jesus wants me to come to him in these moments. We are weary; we are carrying heavy burdens. He wants us to come to Him when it feels like too much. He wants our burdens so he can trade them for his, and lighten our loads. He wants to give us rest.

You Are More Precious Than Silver

Every week as a counselor at summer camp I would look forward to Camp Out. It was by far my favorite evening with my campers and fellow counselors for a multitude of reasons: dinner over a fire, sleeping by a creek, hiking with two of my besties and 25 elementary kids, counselor-camper dodgeball. But the…

My Rock, My Shield, My Stronghold

My rock, my fortress, my deliverer I take refuge in you My shield, my strength, my salvation I find security in your presence My stronghold, my tower, my savior I run to you, and I am safe   Swirling in the waves Surrounded by enemies Overwhelmed by destruction Snared by the grave   In distress…